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Nevut Emergency Campaign for IDF Reservists

October 31, 2023


Nevut ensures that those who leave everything behind and go alone to Israel to serve as IDF Lone Soldiers and protect the Jewish people, are not left alone when they return. The Nevut Ride, Run & Raise was created to support Nevut’s Community & Connection, Career Advancement, and Well-being programs that empower IDF Lone Soldier Veterans with the tools and resources needed to succeed in their transition to civilian life. To learn more about Nevut, please visit us at

Since the oubreak of the war, Nevut and its dedicated volunteers have been working tirelessly to support our Lone Soldier Reservists. We have secured flights for over 70 reservists. We have been gathering and distributing protective gear to them and ensuring that their spouses are supported in their absence. Nevut has been fielding thousands of calls from Lone Soldiers, their spouses and parents around the clock.


 Please join us by donating or creating your own crowdfunding page to raise funds for this vital cause.